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SC Democrats “Big Lie”




If you repeat a lie often enough, it eventually becomes the truth … a trick S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley has mastered over the last three years.

Seriously … limited government? Education reform? Obamacare?

Haley’s rhetoric has become a reliable indicator of her policy proposals … assuming you adjust policy dial by 180 degrees.

But this post isn’t about Haley’s habitual dishonesty, it’s about a lie that keeps getting told about her by Democrats – namely S.C. Sen. Vincent Sheheen (Haley’s 2014 gubernatorial rival), S.C. Democratic Party chairman Jamie Harrison and S.C. Rep. James Smith.

We’re referring, of course, to the oft-repeated claim that Haley’s administration is somehow responsible for mishandling last year’s outbreak of tuberculosis at a government-run school in Ninety Six, S.C.

This claim – which we’ve seen Democrats make against Haley on literally dozens of occasions – isn’t questionable. It isn’t dubious. It isn’t misleading, debatable, thinly sourced, half-true or a “matter of opinion.”

It is quite simply false. Categorically, demonstrably, indisputably false.

As this website has exhaustively and exclusively reported (here, herehere, here, and here), the blame for this fiasco rests exclusively on the shoulders of Greenwood School District 52 – not Haley.

Not only did district officials ignore state law by failing to test an infected employee, they actively engaged in a coverup after this employee infected dozens of children with the disease.

Don’t take our word for it, though. Greenwood School District 52 vice chairman Dr. Michael Bryant – who is married to the nurse at Ninety Six Primary School (where the outbreak occurred) – admitted he was informed of a “probable infectious disease” at the school on March 27 (several weeks before anybody appointed by Haley was informed of the outbreak).

Additionally Bryant – a devout social conservative whose 2012 campaign signs featured “praying hands” clip art – admits telling his fellow school board members (and district superintendent Mark Petersen) to keep this information hidden from parents.

How is any of that Haley’s fault?

It isn’t … in fact if there is one person the “poor people of Ninety Six, S.C.” have praised as it relates to this debacle, it is Haley’s S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) director – Catherine Templeton.

Yet despite knowing these facts, Sheheen, Harrison and Smith have continued to parrot this same false claim in an effort to score political points against Haley.  Apparently they believe if they repeat this allegation enough times in our state’s intellectually incurious mainstream media – the charge will become true.

That’s shameful …

This website is (clearly) no fan of Haley. We believe she is the single most dishonest, duplicitous, vindictive and hypocritical leader South Carolina has ever seen (which is saying something) – and we shudder to think of what four more years of her incompetence will do to our state.

But you can’t use lies to bring down a liar – especially given how much truth is available attesting to Haley’s failed leadership.

Yet sadly, such tall tale telling is the current modus operandi of the Sheheen for Governor campaign … which is about to make the most vulnerable incumbent in Palmetto political history a landslide reelection winner.

Democrats aren’t going to give up on their false “Haley tuberculosis” narrative. After all they’ve got too much invested in it at this point … and as we’ve noted before the mainstream press in South Carolina is too lazy and stupid to call them out on it.

But that doesn’t change the fact it is a lie … and any politician who stands up and regurgitates this claim is a liar.

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