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Dillon County (S.C.) taxpayers are spending $25,000 on a new logo and slogan aimed at luring “economic development” to the rural Palmetto State county.

Ready for the slogan? “Alive on I-95.”

No really. That’s it. “Alive on I-95.” That’s the new slogan. Oh … and according to intrepid reporter Tonya Brown of WPDE TV 15 (ABC – Florence-Myrtle Beach, S.C.), there’s a jingle associated with this “public-private partnership.”

Can’t wait to hear that!

Nothing like unnecessary government you can tap your toes to …

Located in the northeastern corner of South Carolina, Dillon County was formed in 1910.  It is currently home to an estimated 31,000 people – most of them among the poorest residents in the Palmetto State.

Dillon’s population has been stagnant for the last three-and-a-half decades …

Pic: Tonya B. Brown (via FB)