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Nikki Haley: Chris Christie Showed “Leadership”



S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley – always eager to help out establishment “Republicans” when times are tough – is at it again.

This time the would-be national figure is coming to the aid of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, whose administration (and 2016 presidential ambition) has been engulfed by a major scandal originating from a ham-fisted attempt at political revenge.

“I’ve watched my friend Gov. Christie work through a difficult situation today,” Haley wrote on her Facebook page. “He did the right thing in taking responsibility in a tough situation. That’s the kind of leadership that earned him the huge level of trust he has in New Jersey.”

Um … really?

Haley clearly needs to brush up on this scandal …

Anyway, it didn’t take long for South Carolina Democrats to pounce on Haley’s comments.

“Nikki Haley defines leadership as cover-ups followed by excuses followed by blaming others in her own administration, and wouldn’t know real accountability if it stood right in front of her,” S.C. Democratic Party spokeswoman Kristin Sosanie said. “It’s no surprise she spoke up for Chris Christie today, and it only shows that her failed understanding of leadership doesn’t only apply to the massive scandals she creates for the people of South Carolina.”

Exactly … 

Haley is clearly angling to stay in Christie’s good graces in advance of the looming “First in the South” 2016 presidential primary. Prior to this scandal breaking, polls in South Carolina showed Christie as the early frontrunner in this early voting state.

Why would a former leader of the Tea Party movement embrace (or in the case of Christie, attempt to embrace) the biggest (and we mean “biggest”) establishment Republican in the race?

It’s all part of Haley’s evolving ideology … (see here and here).

Pic: Travis Bell Photography