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Facebook Saves Everything



Some people (like our website’s founding editor) were born without a filter. Others wisely contemplate what they are about to put into the marketplace of ideas.

Of course if you use Facebook (and all of us do), it turns out there’s no distinction …

Get this: The social media giant tracks (and saves) your keystrokes … meaning it knows (and keeps) what you type even if you don’t press the “enter” or “return” button.

“The code that powers Facebook still knows what you typed—even if you decide not to publish it,” reports Jennifer Golbeck of Slate. “It turns out that the things you explicitly choose not to share aren’t entirely private.”

Wait … how does Golbeck know this? Easy: A pair of Facebook employees tracked the “self-censorship behavior” of five million English speaking users for a recent research project.

Wow …

“That’s just creepy,” Facebook user Tamara Goff said.

We agree …

Just this week Facebook was one of eight tech giants to demand reforms to the federal government’s Orwellian domestic spying network.

“Reports about government surveillance have shown there is a real need for greater disclosure and new limits on how governments collect information,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said.  “The US government should take this opportunity to lead this reform effort and make things right.”

But it was a quote from Microsoft’s top lawyer Brad Smith that really hit the nail on the head.

“People won’t use technology they don’t trust,” Smith said.

Facebook isn’t likely to face a mass exodus as a result of this revelation, but it will certainly give many users cause for pause.  And it raises a legitimate question: Is Facebook being hypocritical in attacking the government for privacy violations?

Let’s hope the company follows its CEO’s advice and “makes things right” by doing away with this invasive policy …