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Letter: SCDSS “Cost Saving” Plan Isn’t Saving $$$



Dear Editor:

A couple years ago the S.C. Department of Social Services (SCDSS) implemented a measure of contracting out foster home licensing to the South Carolina Youth Advocacy Program (SCYAP).  Not all counties in South Carolina contracted out the licensing of foster parents but several did as a cost saving measure.

Mr. Larry Cannon retired as the local DSS director in Newberry County and landed a top job overseeing the project. One of the regional directors’ daughters has a management position in the program.

When licensing was handled by the county, foster children were placed in local foster homes. Now, foster children are placed two or three counties away and workers often have to travel over an hour one-way to bring a child to their local county for a one-hour visit with the biological parent – and then transport them back.

With an overwhelming caseload and limited employees, how can this be a “cost saving measure?” Many of the people who pushed for this change have nice jobs and no one will admit this is a disaster because they are supervised by people who have family who were given jobs with this program.

It’s a lot of CRAP and waste of tax payers money.


sic speaking

Thanks for your letter. I will make sure this gets to the South Carolina lawmakers who are currently in the process of investigating SCDSS on a host of other matters.

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