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Letter: Bureaucrats Leading The Blind?



Dear Editor,

All I could think as I read this article about the U.S. Department of Justice suing H&R Block was “must we drag every single aspect of modern life to the lowest common denominator?”

This is one of the reasons why the United States is losing it place as the world leader for innovation.  The blind have plenty of ways to get their taxes done, but we’re now forcing a company to spend money so that a handful of blind people can use the internet to file their taxes?

(I assume many would rather not use the internet for this purpose).

This could stop companies from even making such services available.  Could FitsNews web site be accessible to the blind, for example?  I thought it foolish to require YouTube to caption all of its videos when that was first mentioned but now someone could probably file a lawsuit and end up closing down YouTube (I am “hearing impaired” and even I disagree with such a notion).

What is next, having to carry people to the top of mountains because they are scared of heights and get dizzy?  Dive boats that have to put people in submersibles because the y have a hard time “clearing” their ears?  Forcing dive shops to provide prescription dive masks for people that wear glasses?  This is utter nonsense and the suit should be summarily dismissed and the lawyer beaten with the judge’s gavel.



sic speaking

Agreed. I like the cut of your jib. Thanks for sharing the link and your thoughts …

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