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Today’s Tuneage: Future Days



Okay so we’ve been on a bit of a Pearl Jam kick lately. Wonder why, right?

Anyway, you’ll have to bear with us because the band’s new album is really that good. Like the Soundgarden album released earlier this year, it’s proof positive the founding fathers of grunge have become one of those enduring, elemental rock bands capable of transcending eras with their sheer songwriting talent.

Anyway, we’ve already featured one of the choice cuts from Pearl Jam’s new album Lightning Bolt on Today’s Tuneage, but this is another …

This song is called “Future Days,” and it’s the album’s closing track.

Our founding editor would like to dedicate it to two very special women in his life … first to his gorgeous wife, Mrs. Sic Willie, and second to the equally gorgeous baby girl she’s been carrying around in her belly for the last nine months (a baby girl who should be making her appearance in this crazy world any day now).


Oh, and let us know if there’s a song you’d like us to play/ dedicate to anyone … we’re open to suggestion.