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“A Turkey Named Brotherhood”



It’s that time of year again … when we take a break from our hectic routines and ponder all that for which we are thankful.

You know … things like Obamacare (not). Or living in a state where death-by-turkey is a real possibility.

Anyway … every Thanksgiving, FITS commends to the attention of our readers Gary Granger’s theatric masterpiece “A Turkey Named Brotherhood” (as improvised by Wednesday Addams).

This “play” is actually a famous scene from the 1993 movie Addams Family Values, which starred then-13-year-old actress Christina Ricci as Addams. Its pure comedic genius also features actress Christine Baranski, one of the stars of the CBS hit drama The Good Wife.

Enjoy! And remember that here at FITS we remain tremendously thankful for you, our readers.

(Click to play)