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Ignore That Glow In The Upstate



In an incident that hopefully won’t spawn any three-eyed fish (Simpsons reference), a nuclear reactor owned by Duke Energy – a.k.a. the Barack Obama Energy Co. – sprung a leak in Oconee County, S.C. today.

The leak forced the company to shutdown the reactor at the Oconee Nuclear Station, although a local emergency management official tells WSPA TV 7 (CBS- Spartanburg, S.C.) that there is nothing to worry about and everybody should just go about their business.

Those sentiments were echoed by a company spokesman.

“This event poses no threat to employees or the public. It is in the containment building, which is doing what it is designed to do,” the spokesman told the Associated Press.


Clearly nothing at all to worry about.

Sing it with us, everybody … “up on Cripple Creek she sends me … if I spring a leak …”

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