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SC Democratic Senate Candidate Backs Marriage Equality



COLUMBIA, S.C. (Oct 23, 2013) – Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jay Stamper today announced his support for marriage equality. Stamper is seeking the Democratic nomination in South Carolina for the seat currently held by Republican Lindsey Graham.

In an op-ed posted on his campaign website today, Stamper wrote in part:

“The issue of marriage equality is one that politicians everywhere are eager to avoid. In South Carolina, where gay marriage is banned by the State Constitution, the issue is even more politically problematic, especially for Democrats.”

“I fundamentally believe marriage equality is not a minor issue to be minimized, ignored or treated as a political inconvenience. It is a civil rights issue affecting millions of people who are our neighbors, friends and family.”

“…the U.S. Constitution requires equal protection under the law… rights given to one group by law should not be denied another. In my view then, it’s simple: gay couples must not be denied the right to marry.”

Stamper goes on to say that, “beyond our constitutionally guaranteed rights, I believe that we have a moral obligation to treat every human being with respect – even if he or she is different” citing the example of bigotry and bullying adolescents often face in school settings.

He concludes his statement with a call to action saying, “I won’t be silent or hide behind political rhetoric on the issue of marriage equality and civil rights. Stand with me if you won’t either.”

The full text of Jay Stamper’s statement on marriage equality can be found at here:

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