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Nikki Haley Unveils “Faith And Family Coalition”



COLUMBIA, S.C. – Pro-family and pro-life leaders from across South Carolina today joined the Haley for Governor Faith and Family coalition.

Members of the coalition will advise Governor Haley on family issues over the course of the 2014 campaign and beyond and work directly with her to strengthen South Carolina families.

“The stronger our families are the stronger our state is,” said Dr. Bob Taylor, a member of Hampton Park Baptist Church where he serves on the Board of Deacons. “Governor Haley realizes that, and her hard work to bring jobs, protect the unborn and defend traditional marriage is making our families, and therefore our state, stronger.”

Dr. Taylor is Chairman of the Greenville County Council and retired dean at Bob Jones University.

“Guided by Christian faith and grounded in the unshakable values that make our country great, Governor Haley and First Gentleman Michael Haley, a captain in South Carolina’s Army National Guard, are standing tall for South Carolina families, and South Carolina families are proud to stand with the Haleys,” said Dr. Tony Beam, Vice-President for Student Services and Christian Worldview at North Greenville University.

Dr. Beam hosts the radio show “Christian Worldview Today.” He is also Vice-Chairman of the Christian Life and Public Affairs Committee of the South Carolina Baptist Convention.

“Governor Haley has a stellar pro-life record,” said Lisa Van Riper of Greenville, who leads S.C. Citizens for Life. “By signing two important pieces of pro-life legislation, Governor Haley has advanced the cause of protecting innocent human life in South Carolina. The governor signed the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act that ensures any child born alive in South Carolina, including a child who survives an attempted abortion, is an individual human being entitled to the full protections of the law. The governor signed the Abortion Opt Out of Obamacare that excludes coverage for most abortions in the federal exchange programs. South Carolina is privileged to have a strong, pro-life governor and we intend to keep her.”

“Traditional, Christ-centered family values are under assault from Washington to Columbia, and it’s no longer enough for elected officials to talk the talk, they have to walk the walk,” said Hilton Head Island’s Stu Rodman, who holds leadership positions on the boards of several national Christian ministries. “Not only do we know Governor Haley, a wife and mother of two, to be ‘personally’ pro-life and pro-family in her words, we have seen her fighting every day and using every resource at her disposal, beginning as a freshman legislator, to strengthen our families by defending traditional marriage and protecting every human life. She is exactly what South Carolina families need in a governor.”

Rodman, Vice Chairman of the Beaufort County Council, served as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Army, is an Elder in the Presbyterian Church and led the Palmetto Family Council.

Newberry County’s S.C. Citizens for Life chapter president, Chad Connelly, contrasted Governor Haley’s commitment to strengthening South Carolina families with liberal career politician Vince Sheheen’s troubling record of pandering to pro-abortion, anti-traditional marriage interests.

“We are touched to have the support of these dedicated and influential faith and family leaders from around South Carolina who understand the importance of having a governor who is truly, in words and deeds, committed to the values we hold so dear,” said Connelly. “Nikki Haley has a record of fighting for every single life and for South Carolina families. That’s not true of Vince Sheheen who has spent his campaign for governor undermining the hard fought efforts and hard won victories of the values community in South Carolina, kicking it off at the home of an abortion activist and secretly appearing at a rally promoting gay marriage. We need a governor who will stand up for South Carolina values – not just when it’s politically expedient but every single day, and Nikki Haley is that governor.”

Members of the Haley for Governor Faith and Family Coalition include:

Frank Barron, Board Member, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Lexington
Dr. Tony Beam, Vice President for Student Services and Christian Worldview at North Greenville University, Greenville
Wayne Cockfield, Florence Chapter President, S.C. Citizens for Life; Vice President, Medical Ethics at National Right to Life; Member, Board of Directors of National Right to Life; Florence
Chad Connelly, Newberry County Chapter President, S.C. Citizens for Life, Newberry
Lauren Cooley, CEO, Conservative Students for a Better Tomorrow, Furman University, Greenville
Dr. John Duncan, Dean, Charleston Southern Business School, Charleston
Bill Egerdahl, Pastor, Grace Baptist Church, Lexington
Carl Falk, Former Chairman, Palmetto Family Council; Chairperson of Teach My People, Georgetown
Lenna Fox Neill, CEO, Piedmont Women’s Center, Greenville
Holly Gatling, Executive Director, S.C. Citizens for Life, Columbia
Chad Groover, Deacon, Cornerstone Baptist, Greenville
Jimmy Jones, Pastor, Christ Central Ministries, Columbia
Josh Kimbrell, Host, Common Cents Radio; Chair, Palmetto Conservative Alliance, Greenville
Trudy Laub, Executive Director, Palmetto Pregnancy Center, Rock Hill
Deb Marks, Midlands Chapter President, S.C. Citizens for Life, Columbia
Glenn McCall, Member, Board of Directors for the Palmetto Pregnancy Center, Rock Hill
Linda McCall, Former Counselor, The Palmetto Pregnancy Center, Rock Hill
Drew McKissick, traditional family activist, Columbia
Huey Mills, Pastor, Fellowship Bible Church & Administrator Carolina Christian Academy, Lancaster
Alexia Newman, Executive Director, Carolina Pregnancy Center, Spartanburg
Randy Page, Public Relations Director, Bob Jones University, Greenville
Stu Rodman, Former Chairman, Palmetto Family Council; Chairman, Fellowship of Christian Athletes; Chairman, Christ Central Ministries, Beaufort
LaDonna Ryggs, Pro-life activist, Spartanburg
Hal Stevenson, CEO, Grace Outdoor, Columbia
Dr. Bob Taylor, Greenville County Council Chairman, former Bob Jones University Dean, Greenville
Lisa Van Riper, President, S.C. Citizens for Life, Greenville

(Members of the Haley for Governor Faith and Family Coalition made personal endorsements, not endorsements on behalf of any organization with which they may be affiliated.)

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