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Larry Marchant Divorce: Still Waiting



Eight months after we exclusively reported on it … former South Carolina lobbyist Larry Marchant’s divorce case remains on ice.

“Nothing to report,” an attorney familiar with the proceedings tells FITS. “They are negotiating amicably.”

Marchant’s wife, Jennifer, sued him for divorce in February of this year alleging that he was unfaithful to her with three other women – one of whom was described as “a woman well-known to the parties and the citizens of the State of South Carolina.”

Obviously she was referring to S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley …

A preliminary hearing was scheduled back in February … but a judge cancelled that court date as a result of all the media attention.

So where do things stand?

Well, we know Marchant submitted an affidavit in October 2010 swearing that he and Haley had a one night stand in Salt Lake City, Utah in June 2008 (for details about that alleged encounter, click here). We also know Haley has categorically denied Marchant’s claim – and other instances of “alleged” infidelity.

More to the point – Haley’s lawyers repeatedly dismissed Marchant’s affidavit because it was not submitted in connection with a court case and (according to them) exempt from perjury laws.

Haley refused to submit an affidavit attesting to her version of events.

“It’s up to them to prove it,” she told WSPA TV 7 reporter Robert Kittle. “It’s not up to me to prove that I’m telling the truth. It’s up to them to prove that is true.”

Marchant has refused to comment on the case – causing many to speculate that he might change his story regarding the Haley affair. The attorney we spoke with said that isn’t going to happen – and that Marchant must acknowledge his affair with Haley in open court (under oath and subject to the laws of perjury).

In fact the Haley admission is critical to the case given the elevated damage it did to Marchant’s wife. The more damage she can prove, the more compensation she will receive in the eventual settlement.

“She was hurt by the other two affairs, but humiliated by the affair with Haley,” the attorney explained. “She could not leave her house for weeks.”

Will Marchant stand by his story knowing it’s going to cost him some serious coin?

We’ll find out …