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Tom Davis: Stagnant SC Employment Is “Bad News”



S.C. Sen. Tom Davis issued the following statement on South Carolina’s latest employment situation report:

“Our stagnant 8.1 percent unemployment rate is bad news, but even worse news is the fact our income levels are down and our workforce has shrunk to an all-time low. We can do so much better as a state, but we’re never going to reach our full potential unless we truly embrace the free market, lower taxes for everyone – not just for the favored few – and rebate surplus tax collections back to the taxpayers, as opposed to spending it on even more government.

“Neither the increased intervention by government in our economy favored by South Carolina’s Democratic leadership, nor the crony capitalism championed by the governor and other prominent state GOP leaders – that is, providing subsidies, grants, loopholes, and other taxpayer-funded favors to specific companies – leads to prosperity. The leadership in both political parties mistakenly believes more government is necessary to develop our economy.

“Instead of trying to devise new and improved economic plans, our elected officials should restore power to the people and work to make South Carolina the freest state in America – a state where taxes are low for everyone, where the rule of law prevails, where liberty is protected, where the free market flourishes, and where government is limited to specific core functions. If South Carolina becomes the freest state, it will be the place where entrepreneurs bring their ideas, start their businesses, and invest their capital – and as a result provide better economic opportunities for our citizens.”

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