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Lesbian Councilwoman Accused Of Corruption



A few months ago this website accidentally stumbled into a sex scandal involving Charleston County (S.C.) councilwoman Colleen Condon – an avowed fiscal liberal who has habitually violated the state’s campaign finance disclosure laws.

It turns out there was more … much more … to that story.

According to a letter submitted this week to Condon’s colleagues on county council, the openly gay local leader is the subject of a pending complaint before the S.C. Commission on Lawyer Conduct.

“She used felons, her present position on the Charleston County Board, and other means at her disposal to violate the law,” the complaint states.

According to John Peterson – the ex-husband of the woman with whom Condon was carrying on an extramarital lesbian affair – Condon ” instructed her client (my ex-wife) via e-mail and text to break into my residence (which was not the marital home) and steal documents pertinent to their case.”

“I have in my possession, intercepted texts and e-mails from Colleen Condon to my ex-wife telling her where, when and who was going to help her conduct the two burglaries at my residence,” Peterson adds.

Whoa …

Peterson also accuses Condon of extorting him and “continuously (sending) e-mails and voice messages threatening to use her influence … from having my business license revoked to revoking my license to work from home in Charleston County from the zoning board.”

It gets better. Peterson’s complaint also accuses Condon of paying law enforcement officers to cover up her alleged criminal activity – and to keep tabs on him.

Again … WHOA.

Condon told FITS the allegations against her are false and that she anticipates a “full exoneration” once the complaint is heard by the commission.

Shortly after our initial story regarding her sex scandal broke, Condon announced to her fellow council members that she was a lesbian. Since then, her name has been touted in some Democratic circles as a possible successor to longtime Charleston, S.C. mayor Joe Riley.

To view Peterson’s complaint against Condon for yourself, click on the link below.