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SC Among “Worst Places” To Make A Living



In reviewing the S.C. Democratic Party’s latest pop on Gov. Nikki Haley’s economic record, we noted a reference to South Carolina having been “named one of the hardest place(s) in America to make a living.” We thought we were familiar with all of the Palmetto State’s crappy ratings, but this was a new one for us.

Turns out the ranking is from April 2013, when the website Money Rates released a list of the best and worst states in which to “make a living.” South Carolina ranked No. 45 out of fifty states on the list, which included this not-so-glowing recommendation …

A combination of low wages and high unemployment have landed South Carolina in the bottom ten twice before, and those conditions persist. In addition, people in the state gave it the country’s fifth-worst rating for quality of work environment.

Ouch …

According to another recent report, Haley ranks 34th out of 45 governors surveyed when it comes to private sector job creation (five governors were not ranked because they entered office in 2013). Also, South Carolina’s labor participation rate is nearly five percent lower than the national rate – which itself is hovering at three-decade lows.

Other recent reports showed the Palmetto State as having a terrible business tax climate as well as zero upward mobility for its citizens.

Ah yes .. once again, “it’s a great day in South Carolina.” The state that’s “just right.”