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More (Anthony) Weiner Lover



We’re sure the X-rated pictures of Sydney Leathers – one-time virtual lover of re-disgraced New York liberal politician Anthony Weiner – will be all over the internet soon. Perhaps she’ll even “cash in on her cautious new fame” with a little new pornography.

The 23-year-old liberal blogger from Indiana – whose illicit virtual affair with the former Congressman and New York City mayoral candidate has re-wrecked his political career – has two narratives emerging about her life (and two paths she can take moving forward).

One narrative is that she’s a principled liberal who was victimized by a politician she previously supported – and stood by during his initial sexting scandal in 2011. The other narrative seeks to cast her as a limelight-seeking whacko who is every bit as reckless as Weiner in her personal life.

Where Leathers goes from here will validate one of those theories. If she strips down and whores it up Courtney Stodden-style, well … that’ll be that. On the other hand she’s a pretty talented writer with a potentially bright future ahead of her – assuming she’s able to walk the tightrope ahead of her.

We’ll see … maybe she’ll follow our founding editor’s advice and “do both.”