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Dateline NBC Probes Ascot Murders



Back in April 2012 this website exclusively exposed the back story in the “Ascot Murders” case – revealing it to be a gambling-related double homicide as opposed to a botched home invasion. In that piece, we made a reference to cuing up the Dateline NBC theme music – and have since made several references to the tragedy as being right up the alley of this tabloid-style national news magazine.

Well guess what …

Dateline NBC is running a story this evening on the Ascot Murders, complete with a preview containing the inherently awesome (and accurate) lede “life seems to move just a little bit slower in South Carolina.”

Take a look …

(Click to play)

The Dateline preview doesn’t get into the gambling allegations against convicted killer Brett Parker, although it concludes with the teasing reference “what happened (to victims Tammy Parker and Bryan Capnerhurst) would become the center of a mystery, and a story about to lead to places no one ever expected.”

Well, no one except FITS readers … who knew exactly what happened the day after the killings took place.

Anyway, the Dateline feature on the Ascot Murders premieres on NBC Friday evening at 9:00 p.m. EDT.