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Think Tank Challenged On Transparency



Several Republican activists in South Carolina are urging the leader of a “conservative” think tank to disclose her income – consistent with her organization’s (latest) rallying cry against the S.C. General Assembly.

In fact they’ve started a Twitter tag – #AshleysIncome – in an effort to get Ashley Landess, leader of the S.C. Policy Council, to cough up that information.

“She has gone to great lengths to manipulate and harass conservative members of the legislature, so it’s time she adhered to the same level of over-reaching transparency,” one of the activists told FITS. “If she is so confident, why should she not be transparent as well?”

Landess earned $114,001 in 2009 – which was the last year info was available (at least the last time we checked).

The S.C. Policy Council – which has veered to the left of the political spectrum in recent months – is also under scrutiny for its role in lobbying on specific legislation, something it is technically forbidden from doing given its tax-exempt status.

All that aside, this website has consistently supported income disclosure requirements for all elected officials and political appointees. In fact we’ve been pushing for greater transparency in state government for the better part of the last decade. As for disclosure by tax-exempt organizations, a lot of that is already required. In fact we previously obtained information on Landess’ salary – and other S.C. Policy Council financial info – from prior public filings.


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