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SC Crazy Council Veers Left



Remember the S.C. Policy Council? Yeah … you’re not alone if you answered that question with a not-so-resounding “huh?” or “who?”

The S.C. Policy Council is a think tank which decided several years ago to stop thinking … and to try competing against us in the new media marketplace. How’d that work out for the group? Yeah, not so well …

Anyway, the S.C. Policy Council has been so busy getting its ass kicked all over the internet by us that it has neglected to do its actual job – policy. As a result, the organization has lost all credibility at the S.C. State House and is on the verge of being replaced by a new entity backed by former U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint, the Palmetto Policy Forum.

More troublingly, the entity has been aligning itself of late with some extreme left-of-center interests (including the Conservation Voters of South Carolina and the kooky, curmudgeony one-man-band known as S.C. Common Cause).

The latest left-of-center group to receive some love from this so-called “conservative” think tank? The state’s uber-liberal school administrators – who are lobbying ferociously to defeat a scaled-down parental choice bill in the S.C. Senate. Joining them in attacking parental choice? None other than S.C. Policy Council president Ashley Landess.

“We looked closely at the bill and concluded it doesn’t do much of anything,” Landess wrote – referring to the legislation’s tax deductions collectively as “a joke.”

“The last thing we want to do is give politicians a chance to take a victory lap for passing an insignificant bill,” she added.

Really? Last time we checked a $300 credit for home school parents wasn’t a “joke.” And deductions that could cover up to a tenth of tuition at a private school wasn’t “insignificant.”

Ordinarily we’d ask “what is Landess on?” However, we’re told her pharmaceutical cocktail has become too involved to address in the space we have available.

Do we favor much more aggressive parental choice reform? Absolutely … and we’ve said so. But when it comes to empowering parents with options and creating the sort of incentives necessary to grow a market, every dollar counts.

That’s something Landess ought to know … but she’s evidently more inclined to embolden opponents of parental choice the same way she’s emboldening other left wing loons.

Seriously … are we about to learn that S.C. Democratic Party chairman Dick Harpootlian has been named the Policy Council’s next president?

Because based on Landess’ total lack of productivity and her steady accumulation of left-leaning ideological alliances, we don’t expect her to have a job much longer.



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