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Former statewide official turned reality TV star Thomas Ravenel made an appearance on the Facebook page of Palmetto socialite Kathryn Dennis during the long Fourth of July weekend – and the two looked pretty cozy if you ask us.

Ravenel, 51, and Dennis, 21, enjoyed Fourth of July festivities together on Morris Island – which once housed Batter Wagner, the Confederate earthworks which were stormed during the famous attack of the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry (dramatized in the movie Glory). It’s also home – or was home – to the Morris Island Light, a lighthouse which now sits several hundred feet offshore in the Atlantic Ocean (the result of erosion caused by manmade jetties).

Anyway, it’s not clear whether Ravenel and Dennis arrived together – or whether the two are a “couple.”

Hmmmm … guess we’ll have to watch the T-Rav show to find out …

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Oh, and the blonde hottie (who also showed up in some of these pics) is Shelby Dennis, one of Kathryn’s cousins.


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