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Groups Slam SC “Pro-Obama” GOP Senators



Nine “Republican in Name Only” members of the South Carolina Senate were slammed by one of the Palmetto State’s leading limited government groups this week after voting to reject proven free market academic reforms in favor of U.S. President Barack Obama’s signature education initiative. Meanwhile a national group also took them to task for their support of the Obama education plan.

“These nine Senators decided to keep school choice out of South Carolina, making us one of the only states in the South where children are stuck in failing government schools,” S.C. Club for Growth executive director Phillip Cease said in a statement.

Failing? That’s putting it kindly … 

For those of you needed a refresher on the names of these nine Senators, they are as follows: Thomas Alexander (RINO-Oconee), Paul Campbell (RINO-Berkeley), John Courson (RINO-Richland), Ronnie Cromer (RINO-Newberry), Wes Hayes (RINO-York), Hugh Leatherman(RINO-Florence), Larry Martin (RINO-Pickens), Billy O’Dell (RINO-Abbeville) and Luke Rankin (RINO-Myrtle Beach).

Cease’s group also ripped eight of these Senators (all of those named above, minus O’Dell) for their support of Obama’s signature education initiative – universal government-funded preschool.

The Club for Growth isn’t the only organization ripping these so-called “Republicans.”

FreedomWorks, a national conservative grassroots organization, put out a statement this week condemning the leftward lean of this “GOP-controlled” chamber.

“The Republican South Carolina Senate needs to stop pushing the Obama administration’s Big Government agenda,” the group’s grassroots coordinator Whitney Neal said. “Just because they call themselves Republicans does not mean they support conservative ideas. South Carolina children need a real education. They don’t need liberal Republicans to steal your money for failed political programs.”

Indeed …

As we noted in our coverage of the school choice vote, four of these Senators (Leatherman, Martin, O’Dell and Rankin) are former Democrats who switched parties when it became politically expedient for them to do so.

But the others?

“We are especially disappointed that Senator Courson and Senator Cromer voted against school choice,” Cease noted in his group’s release. “In the past, Senator Courson proudly touted his support for the Reagan presidency in 1980 and 1984 but no longer does. Senator Cromer claimed to support school choice, but balked when the chance came up to implement a very basic version of it.”

Cromer isn’t the only “Republican” claiming to support choice who voted against it this week. S.C. Sen. Paul Campbell (RINO-Berkeley) also fits that bill.

Obviously we concur with the Club and FreedomWorks in their assessments of these hypocrites. However, we are hopeful these lawmakers will rethink their position when the final votes are cast in what has been an unusually long, arduous and acrimonious budget process.