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Dean Allen: Do Not Hire Kerry Wood



From the offices of Dean Allen

I hired Kerry Wood to raise money for my 2010 campaign for Adjutant General of SC.

1. He spent money rather than raise it.
2. He used my campaign events to promote HIS business, not my campaign to the press!
3. He hired his friends, one caterer in particular, to overbill me for services not received. I sincerely regret paying his bill.
4. He used very foul language, both in writing, and over the phone to Dan Herren. Dan was helping my campaign and Kerry Wood was very jealous of Dan Herren. At the time, Dan Herren was our elected State Executive Committeeman for Greenville county. I am sure Dan will verify this.
5. Kerry Wood put up a crappy website for my campaign and registered the URL/Domain name as HIS property. When I fired him I asked for the domain name. Wood refused out of spite. I offered to pay him $500 for that domain name (a standing offer for the last four years) and he has refused out of spite.
6. Kerry Wood gave me very bad advice to NOT contact the state chairman of the Republican party (at that time Mrs. Karen Floyd) as a courtesy. Kerry ran against her eight years ago for State Superintendent of Education, she beat him and got the nomination. Kerry Wood was dead last among four candidates. Kerry Wood holds grudges and is vicious in his attacks on conservative Republican women. He does not like Karen Floyd, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Dr. Christina Jeffrey (who also fired him), Gov. Nikki Haley and other conservative women.
7. I have been told Kerry had an affair with a former female business partner. her husband made her end the affair and the business relationship with Kerry Wood.
8. Kerry Wood holds himself out as a political consultant capable of advising clients on state election law. When he filed to run for SC Senate in the most recent primary, he did his paperwork wrong and he was one of the candidates who were removed from the ballot by the State Board of Elections.
9. He employed goons to intimidate candidates and have them thrown out of public meetings. This is a political tactic similar to those used by Nazi brown shirts. As you know, one of his goons tried to run your wife off the road one night as she was leaving a political function.
10. Another of his goons communicated a threat to an off duty law enforcement officer from Georgia at a meeting of the Greenville county GOP Executive committee. There was a police report made over this incident which is public record.
11. In spite of supposedly being a big Christian, Kerry Wood uses foul language about, and in the presence of, women.
12. He was hired, and later fired, by Dr. Christina Jeffrey in her campaign for Congress. he then took a job working for Jim Lee, a challenger in that same race.
13. He employs the tactic of calling anyone he does not like, or is being paid to oppose, a RINO. In the 2012 state senate race is District 8, Kerry Wood and his stooge Jim Lee, called State Senator David Thomas a RINO! David Thomas was president of the Young Americans for Freedom when he was in college. David managed the presidential campaigns of Ronald Reagan and jack Kemp is SC. David Thomas had 28 years service in the SC Senate where he rose to chairman of the Banking & Insurance committee. Senator Thomas had a strong pro life, pro family, and fiscally conservative record. Kerry Wood helped the out of state owned local newspaper destroy the political career of this fine Christian gentleman.

All of the people I have mentioned will verify these facts about Kerry Wood.

Every candidate Kerry Wood has worked for, except one, has lost his election and most of them had to fire Kerry Wood, or they broke with him later and no longer use him.

Every time Kerry Wood has personally ran for office he has lost!

Kerry Wood is associated with Gresham Barrett. Better known to the SC tea party folks as “Bailout Barrett” for supporting the massive bailout of the banking industry. Barrett’s campaign for congress took over $700,000.00 in contributions from the bankers and repaid them with billions in bailout money.

Kerry Wood’s job in Gresham Barrett’s failed campaign for Governor was to run dirty tricks against then candidate Nikki Haley. She won the nomination and the Governorship, in spite of the crude attacks from Kerry Wood & company. Barrett has also been involved in the primary campaign of discredited former Senator Rick Santorum. Kerry Wood’s specialty is in working for phone conservatives running stalking horse candidacies designed to split the conservative vote and throw the elections to folks like Lindsey Graham and Mitt Romney.

Kerry Woods’s and his Dark Horse group are the go-to folks for political dirty tricks and intimidation in South Carolina. He once created a phony alliance of tea party groups in the state with the real purpose of attacking and attempting to discredit real tea party leaders like Bill Rhodes.

I would not hire Kerry Wood to clean up dog mess in the back yard, much less run a political campaign.

Please have anyone thinking of hiring this man call me first! He is a snake in the grass.

If Rand Paul is associated with Kerry Wood, he can kiss off South Carolina in any future GOP primary.


Dean Allen
(843) 597-7459


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