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SC Celebrates “Happy White People Day”



In case you missed it, South Carolina state government was closed on May 10 for Confederate Memorial Day. That’s right … while the rest of us busted our asses trying to make ends meet in this economic “recovery,” hundreds of thousands of underworked, overpaid bureaucrats got another day off.

Confederate Memorial Day was established in 2000. Along with the observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. day, it was part of the compromise that moved the Confederate flag from the dome of the S.C. State House to a much more prominent location on the front lawn of the building.

We support the observance of both days, but we don’t believe either should be a paid state holiday – and have said so consistently. Also we’ve never cared much for the flag debate (unless bikinis were involved).

“South Carolina’s bloated, incompetent, inefficient and unaccountable bureaucracy doesn’t need more holidays, it needs more pruning,” we wrote last year.

Unfortunately, every year our state’s “Republican-controlled” S.C. General Assembly pumps more money into the same failed bureaucracies – whether K-12 education, higher education, socialized medicine or any number of other non-core government functions (including non-core Confederate-related functions).

And while the budgets keep getting bigger … the results keep getting worse.

But hey … what do we honestly expect when our elected officials dress up like this?

So what’s another couple of days off, right? Again, it’s not like most of these bureaucrats are doing anything meaningful in the first place …