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Pond Scums In Lexington?



From our tip line …

Better hurry to find out why and how a developer is pushing the buttons and getting Lexington (S.C.) Town Council to sell him Barr Pond to use as a holding pond (definition is to hold polluted runoff).

Though assessed at over $293,000 a single offer of $60,000 is going to get it without bid process or Council allowing ANY other bids.

There’s a lot more here than anyone’s telling and mayor Randy Halfacre’s feeble attempt to justify it is trash. A meeting is scheduled for May 20th for a FINAL reading.


FITS: If the city of Lexington, S.C. is involved, then you better believe something shady is going down. We’ll try and do some digging on this from our end prior to the May 20 deadline. And if you come upon any additional information, feel free to send it directly to our founding editor via email ([email protected]).


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