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May 1 was a bittersweet day for FITS as we officially said goodbye to someone who has been an indispensable part of our family for several years.

Nancy Mace, best known for being the first woman to graduate from The Citadel, has formally concluded negotiations with FITS founding editor Will Folks – thus ending her six-year professional association with our website. Over that time Mace has provided FITS with exemplary design, technical and marketing support – and we can honestly say this site wouldn’t be where it is without her.

In fact Folks has repeatedly (and accurately) referred to Mace as the “brains of the outfit.”

More importantly, she’s been an amazing and incredibly loyal friend – even when it was costly for her to do so.

Anyway, details of the agreement are confidential (obviously), but one point that bears repeating is that Mace and her Charleston, S.C.-based consulting firm – The Mace Group – never had any role whatsoever in the editorial side of FITS.

Should Mace pursue elected office – as many are encouraging her to do – we suspect her political opponents will seek to use our words against her, which is why it’s important to make perfectly clear that these are, in fact, our words. And the decision to post and place them rests (and has always rested) exclusively with us.

Hell, she doesn’t even know we’re writing this story!

Yet while we are sad to see Mace go we are thrilled with one aspect of her departure – namely the opportunity it provides us to more forcefully promote her aspirations in the event she does decide to go down the political path. Obviously our founding editor hasn’t been shy in promoting Mace in the national media already, but as for aggressively extolling her many virtues on FITS we’ve been careful not to go overboard given the fact she still had a role with our operation.

Concluding our professional relations with her means we are no longer bound by such caution …

Good luck and Godspeed, Nancy. And thank you for everything.