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Nancy Mace In Negotiations With FITS



We try to keep “programming notes” to a minimum around here, but given the recent buzz surrounding a member of the FITS family we felt it was important to keep our readers in the loop.

Nancy Mace – a co-owner of FITSNews, Inc. – has entered into negotiations to sell her share of the business. For the record, Mace has never had anything to do with the editorial content of FITS, she has handled advertising, marketing, search engine optimization and other technical tasks (in addition to overseeing our recent site redesign).

We think the world of her, obviously, and while we’re not sure what she’s got planned for the future (she’s been as non-committal with us about the rumors surrounding her potential candidacy for the U.S. Senate as she has been with other media outlets) we know she’ll be successful.

Certainly more successful than the other candidate contemplating a challenge against U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham …

Now … as for her success negotiating with the notoriously shrewd Sic Willie?

We shall see …