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Bureaucrats At S.C. State Can Read?



A week ago, this website published a story that was critical of South Carolina State University over its decision to hire disgraced former Nikki Haley staffer Abraham Turner as one of its contract employees.

Apparently, the “leadership” at this institution of (cough) “higher learning” didn’t take too kindly to our criticism. In fact S.C. State has reportedly become the latest in a long line of state agencies to ban FITSNews from its web servers (at least for the rank-and-file bureaucrats).

“Earlier this week it has become impossible to open up your website on the SCSU campus,” one source tells us. “This comes after your post about (Abraham Turner) being hired to recruit students to SCSU.”

After we received this email we made a few calls to friends of ours with S.C. State connections, and sure enough multiple sources at the school have confirmed that FITS has been blocked on the vast majority of campus computers.

Frankly we’re shocked by this … and not because we object to the school’s decision (as we’ve noted on numerous previous occasions, state agencies are well within their rights to regulate the web content of their employees).

No, we’re amazed the brain-dead leaders of this ass-backward institution are literate …

“A troop (or ‘tribe’) of retarded monkeys could have managed this school infinitely better – and before anybody gets offended by that comment, permit us to apologize to retarded monkeys all over the world,” we wrote recently in assessing the competence of S.C. State’s current leadership.

Anyway, as we’ve stated repeatedly South Carolina taxpayers should not fund a “higher education” system in the first place – let alone a bloated, duplicative and underperforming one with more than eighty (80) different campus locations. These schools should be set free to pursue their destinies as private institutions – starting with S.C. State.


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