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Lexington County SC Never Disappoints



Given her rapid descent into big spending crony capitalism, it’s easy to forget that this website’s founding editor used to work for S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley (back when she was a fiscally conservative state lawmaker). In fact Will Folks (a.k.a. Sic Willie) helped transform her from a relatively unknown, unaccomplished rural lawmaker into a credible statewide candidate in less than a year’s time.

How did he do that? Sage advice like this.

Anyway, back in 2007 when Folks was still working “under” Haley (ba doom ching), she used to love telling the story of a particular mobile home located in Red Bank, S.C. – one of the holes in the ground she “represented.” According to the future governor, vandals would repeatedly spray paint the words “Welcome to Red Bank” in bright red letters on the front of the manufactured housing unit – enraging local residents.

Haley would make a few calls, the red letters would be painted over, and then the vandals would strike again … a vicious cycle if we’ve ever heard of one.

Anyway, suffice it to say that Red Bank is home to some interesting folks – one of whom has decided to weigh in on a fierce battle for the top spot of the  “Republican” party in Lexington County.

Lexington County? Yeah … these guys.

The candidate receiving love in his “high-profile” race? William “Bill” Rentiers, who apparently fashions himself as some sort of Rambo …

Take a look at this pic posted to his Facebook page …


Rentiers also has a daughter named “Destiny” (rrrrawr) who appears to be an aspiring Rambo (Rambette?) herself …

(Click to enlarge)


Solid …

Anyway, despite sources who tell us he’s “certifiable for the nut house,” we’re sure Bill is a nice enough guy and we like the fact he’s championing a strong Second Amendment platform (like us). We also like Destiny. A lot.

What do we not like? The flagrant race-bating that’s being used on behalf of Rentiers against Dino Teppera, a former staffer to U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson who is also (for reasons surpassing understanding) seeking this position.

In an email to Lexington County “Republicans,” Red Bank resident Lee Canaday refers to Teppera as “a recent immigrant to the country who has been working in D.C. for many years and has only moved to Lexington County in the last few months.”


Translation? Teppera “ain’t from ’round here.”

“I congratulate him on his becoming an American citizen last year but I hardly think we need someone so completely inexperienced with the workings of our state and county,” Canaday adds.

Exactly … because people from Lexington are such geniuses.

Look, we don’t know either of these candidates from holes in the wall – and our level of interest in the outcome of this race is roughly the same as our level of interest in whether or not the spray paint on Red Bank’s famous mobile home makes (another) appearance. Also for what it’s worth we’ve never been supporters of Teppera’s former boss.

Still … it’s race-baiting crap like this that continues to eat (what’s left of) the GOP from the inside. Well … that and the party’s total lack of commitment to fiscal conservatism.


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