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Colossal Hypocrite Mark Sanford Takes Union Contributions



Former Governor Mark Sanford issued a statement today calling on businesswoman Elizabeth Colbert Busch to return union contributions, but Sanford himself has taken thousands in union dollars. Instead of telling others to do as he says – not as he does – Sanford owes Colbert Busch an apology for his hypocrisy.

“Just when you thought Mark Sanford’s strained relationship with the truth couldn’t get any worse, we learn that he’s criticizing Elizabeth Colbert Busch for something he’s done,” said SCDP Chairman Dick Harpootlian. “Mark owes Elizabeth an apology for this ugly attack, but we won’t hold our breath for him to do the right thing. Only a colossal hypocrite like Mark Sanford thinks he can operate outside the truth and play by his own rules.”


Sanford took at Least $9,000 from Labor While in Congress

· 1998: Took $3,000 from Labor. In the 1998 election cycle, Sanford accepted $3,000 from labor, including $2,500 from the United Transportation Union and $500 from the Seafarers International Union. [, accessed 4/08/13]

· 2000: Took $6,000 from Labor. In the 2000 election cycle, Sanford accepted $6,000 from labor, including $1,000 from the Ironworkers Union, $4,000 from the Laborers Union, and $1,000 from United Transportation Union. [, accessed 4/08/13]


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