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Thug Kitchen: So … Awesome



Our good friend Mande Wilkes referred us to the website Thug Kitchen the other day … and we’re totally hooked.

Thug Kitchen, for those of you not yet hip, is a site devoted to healthy eating … except it has a bit of a twist. What’s that, you may ask? Well, as the name probably suggests, it’s completely ghettofied – and in your face.

For example, check out this entry on a recipe for Black Bean and Cilantro Pesto Wrap:

I’M SO TIRED OF MOTHER FUCKERS asking “Where do you get your protein?” All you simple minded bastards better read up some. I eat shit like whole grains, beans, nuts, lentils, tempeh… I mean hell, where the fuck are YOU getting your protein? Black beans are one of my favorite protein sources for sure. The insoluble fiber these are packing keeps the body feeling full while holding calories down low. But hold up, this shit also has soluble fiber to regulate the fuck out of your glucose levels.

Then there’s this entry for a sugar snap pea recipe …

FAST FOOD DOESN’T GET FASTER THAN THIS SHIT. You can eat these sons of bitches raw. Sometimes I like them hot so I toss em on the grill. Use some of that bomb-ass peanut sauce too. Look, just because french fries come a vegetable don’t front like that shit counts as your veggies for the day. Yeah, I’m already in your fucking head.

Yeah … put THAT in your green bean museum, fat ass South Carolina.

Anyway, we highly recommend Thug Kitchen not only for its healthy recipes, but for its unique approach to encouraging better eating. Now … will S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley incorporate it into her “War on Fat?”

Ummmmm … yeah … not so much.