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Dr. Evil To Speak



This website’s founding editor is loathed by the political establishment in South Carolina … especially one politician in particular.

But he’s adored by the next generation, as evidenced by a steady slew of speaking engagements on college campuses across the state. And unlike some people, Will Folks (a.k.a. Sic Willie) never accepts payment for his appearances – especially not from taxpayer-funded institutions.

And they say we’re not principled …

Anyway, we were told recently that we needed to do a better job promoting Sic’s speaking engagements. Why? Presumably because he will say anything to anybody.

Literally … oh, and is a sexy beast (see above).

So … just so everybody knows, posting will be a bit light this morning as Sic speaks to a group of students at various University of South Carolina satellite campuses via “distance education” technology (a process which may or may not involve satellites).

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