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John Boehner’s In Charge?



john boehner

U.S. President Barack Obama is leaving the country this week to pay a visit to Israel. Meanwhile Vice President Joe Biden is returning to the “Land of the Free” after representing our country in the inaugural mass for Pope Francis in Rome.

(Hopefully he didn’t play grab ass at the Vatican).

Why does this matter? It doesn’t … although for a period of roughly twenty minutes Tuesday evening neither leader will be on American soil, the first time that’s happened since Obama took office in January 2009. In fact there’s a story in The Washington Post which strongly suggests Biden moved up his return trip to Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland in an effort to make sure this window of time was as narrow as possible.

You know … in case U.S. Speaker John Boehner (RINO-Ohio) decides to stage a coup or anything …

Which brings us to our point … given Boehner’s unconditional surrender to Obama on fiscal issues, what’s the point of having a “Republican” in the line of succession at all?

Hell, at the rate he’s betraying the stated GOP position on taxes and spending, a Boehner coup might wind up being even more expensive than Obama’s second term – and more damaging to the American free market.

Such is the sorry state of the “Republican” brand in America …