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Sanford Signs Cut Both Ways



Remember those spray-painted “Sanford for Congress” signs? The ones touting his “fiscal conservatism” in such a folksy, homespun way?

Yeah … apparently those cut both ways.

Opponents of the former governor (and current candidate for the South Carolina first congressional district) have taken it upon themselves to erect their own “do-it-yourself” signs in an effort to draw attention to the scandal which nearly cost the former governor his job.

“Sanford’s Record: 37 ethics charges, ($) 74,000 Fines, Almost Impeached,” reads one of the signs, a photo of which was submitted by a reader of The (Charleston S.C.) City Paper.

The sign is accurate.

For those of you who have suppressed the memories, Sanford dramatically confessed to having extramarital affair at a rambling press conference at the S.C. State House in June 2009. He then compounded his problem by perpetually oversharing about his feelings for his lover (now fiancee) Maria Belen Chapur – and he nearly lost his job as a result of an ensuing ethics investigation into his travel practices. Among other abuses, Sanford failed to report dozens of private flights, obtained improper upgrades to first class seats on numerous state trips and misused the state plane for personal and political purposes.

In addition to the $74,000 fine, he was also censured by the S.C. General Assembly.