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Viva Spring Break!



This website was recently described by reporter Diane Knich of The (Charleston, S.C.) Post and Courier as “a mix of political news, insider political gossip and photographs of scantily clad women.”

We’ll take that … although to our discredit we’ve been slacking off lately on the “scantily clad” front.

Oh well, in Knich’s honor, we’d like to take a moment to “bring the sexy back” by paying tribute to a uniquely American institution: Spring Break. While haters gonna hate (as evidenced by this ridiculousness down in Florida), Spring Break is part of the American historical tapestry, dating all the way back to the New Deal – when the Colgate men’s swimming team decided to hold its spring practices in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Since then the Sunshine State has been where the party’s at … although things got so raucous back in “the day” (a.k.a. the early 1980s) that the federal government felt compelled to set the national drinking age at 21.

Party poopers …

Anyway, we have long believed that anyone who is old enough to vote (or be drafted into the U.S. Armed Forces against their will) is old enough to drink alcohol. In fact we’ve consistently urged law enforcement officials to focus more of their energies on combating real crime than trying to make a buck off of busting underage drinkers.

After all when those priorities get out of whack, it’s not a pretty picture …

What is a pretty picture (several of them, actually)? Spring break …


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