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Attack On SC Home Schooling Thwarted



Three weeks ago this website published a story exposing an effort by anti-free market “Republicans” Doug Brannon (RINO-Spartanburg) and Jenny Horne (RINO-Berkeley) – and Democrat Mike Anthony (D-Union) – aimed at forcing South Carolina’s watered-down, government-run “accountability” standards on home school students.

“A trio of status quo state lawmakers have filed bill which would require home school students to subject themselves to the same failed government accountability measures as their public school counterparts,” we wrote.

This story came to us by way of the Spartanburg Tea Party – which has been battling Brannon over his opposition to free market education reforms.

But we blew it up … and we’re happy to report that since our story ran, support for this legislation has totally collapsed. In fact the bill’s sponsors are now requesting it “remain in committee” because they know they don’t have the votes to pass it on the floor.

Of course that’s not how these “Republicans in Name Only” are spinning their failed effort to extend state government’s failed education monopoly …

“The problem (with the bill) is too many wonderful homeschool families would be impacted to make it worth passing into law,” Brannon told The (Charleston, S.C.) Post and Courier. “It’s too much of a punishment on everyone who’s doing it right for the relatively small number who aren’t.”

Really? Then why did Brannon draft such “punishing” legislation and try to push it through to the floor of the S.C. House without anyone being the wiser?

And more to the point: Does anyone believe he would be referring to the legislation as “too much of a punishment” had he not been blistered by home school parents and limited government supporters over his sponsorship of this bill?

Of course not …

Oh well, the legislation is dead – which is a start. Next up? Targeting these three status quo lawmakers for defeat in the 2014 elections …

Supporters of academic freedom cannot content themselves with merely defeating this ill-conceived legislation. True, they have shown these lawmakers the power of popular outrage … now it’s time to show them the door.

Otherwise big government backers like Horne, Brannon and Anthony will continue trying to sneak these bills into law …


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