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All Hail Nacho Kitty!



nacho high

On his iPad, our founding editor has created a document called “The Beneve.” That’s short for “Benevolent Dictatorship,” which is short for something he hasn’t thought up yet … because you can’t call a new country “The Beneve,” can you?

Anyway the document is a memo … or what Jerry Maguire would call a “mission statement.”

“You know, a vision for the future of …” whatever, whatever. His madness.

Like most right wing nut jobs, Will Folks (a.k.a. Sic Willie) fancies himself the leader of “The Beneve,” but we all know that’s wishful thinking. In fact far more likely to take the reins of this new government is a grey-and-white feline named “Nacho Kitty.” In fact Nacho recently lent visual expression to her megalomaniacal urges when she posted this picture to her Tumblr page …


In case your can’t make out the faces, that’s a seating chart for the S.C. State Senate – which has apparently drawn Nacho’s ire.

Nacho does have a few hurdles to overcome , though, if she’s to become Furball-in-Chieftess.

Like occasional mid-day bouts with lethargy …

nacho passed out

… caused by late nite boozing …

nacho beer

Anyway to follow the crazy adventures of Nacho Kitty for yourself, click here …

Just make sure you’re prepared for the site’s bawdy sense of humor … oh, and for hairballs.


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