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Nikki Hearts Women



nikki haley loves women

S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley caused a few chuckles at the S.C. State House this week with a Facebook post heralding the “Go Red for Women” movement – part of the American Heart Association’s efforts to eradicate the “No. 1 killer of women.”

“Today is a special day here in South Carolina, it’s a day when we celebrate the people that I love – women,” Haley wrote on her wall.


Needless to say, our website’s founding editor – whose Twitter page is a must read for South Carolina politicos – wasted little time firing off an inappropriate response seizing on the inadvertent bi-curious implications …


Ummmm … a “half husky?”

Anyway, for the latest on “women in politics” in South Carolina, click here. Just don’t expect any of them to give you a husky … (or even half of one).


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