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What The Frack?



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Yeah …

That was our first thought after gazing upon the inestimable hotness of Polish supermodel Magdalena Frackowiak for the very first time.

Well … that and “how is it we’ve never heard of this bombshell before?”

And “where the hell are the paper towels at?”

Yeah … it’s really subtle when our founding editor comes out of his man cave and announces he’s having “an impromptu staff meeting … (exaggerated wink) if you catch my drift.”

Sheesh …

Frackowiak is hot, people. Like Joanna Krupa hot … a scintillating solidarity siren who’s got that hard Eastern bloc body meets the warm glow of Western capitalism thing going (a.k.a. the unattainable apex of every song The Scorpions ever wrote).

The 28-year-old model hails from Gdansk, Poland – a city we assume drives ‘Wheel of Fortune’ contestants absolutely batty.

(No you may NOT buy another vowel, bitch).

Anyway Frackowiak (who was discovered in 2001 when her mother sent pictures to a Warsaw talent agency) pranced on the beaches of St. Bart’s earlier this month for the new Victoria’s Secret swimsuit catalog. At least that’s what the intern who translated this website tells us …

She could be summoning the ghost of Lech Walesa for something for all we know …

(Click to enlarge)

Pics: Fame/ Flynet, INF Daily



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