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Time To Orgasm, Ladies …



woman having orgasm

A couple years ago our website ignited a modest controversy when we exposed the University of South Carolina’s student activity fees, which go to fund all sorts of bizarre stuff.

The fee generates roughly $3.4 million a year (or at least it did back in 2010) – roughly $600,000 of which goes to fund “Carolina Productions,” a student entertainment group which has made some very dubious expenditures. Our guess is the fee is going up … like USC’s tuition (but unlike its national academic standing).

Anyway, the latest interesting “Carolina Production?”

Take a look …


Yeah … we love the female orgasm, too. In fact “we love it long time.”

Having said that, our guess is there are plenty of South Carolina lawmakers who, well … won’t.

Don’t look now, University of Toronto … the Bible belt is cumming up fast in your rearview.


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