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Bill Bowers’ “Other Job”



In case you’re new to this website, pretty much every day we break a story about yet another member of the S.C. General Assembly padding their own bank account at the expense of Palmetto State taxpayers.

Yesterday it was powerful S.C. Senate Finance Chairman Hugh Leatherman (RINO-Florence) raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars for a concrete company he co-owns. Today it’s S.C. Rep. Bill Bowers (D-Hampton) – who in addition to receiving salary and “expenses” from the S.C. House of Representatives totaling roughly $25,000 a year gets another $48,000 from the University of South Carolina-Beaufort to be a part-time  “visiting professor of accounting.”

Nice, huh?

According to multiple sources at USC, Bowers’ USC-Beaufort position is a “no show job.” In fact, we’re told Bowers’ was terminated from a similar $47,000-a-year “no show job” at USC Salkehatchie in 2011 for … well, not showing.

“He is just awful,” one USC source told us. “Doesn’t show for classes, gets terrible student reviews.”



So … how did a guy who was fired (with cause) from one totally superfluous higher educrat position get hooked up with another totally superfluous position so quickly?

Easy: Intimidation.

“(Bowers) was given a job at USC Beaufort after he and other legislators pressured USC officials,” a source familiar with Bowers’ hiring tells FITS.

Not only that, we’re told Bowers demanded a raise from USC Beaufort Chancellor’s last year – and was denied (a decision backed by USC president Harris Pastides). At that point, Bowers went after funding for a “virtual campus” online degree program being pushed by Pastides as retribution.

In fact here’s a video of Bowers on the floor of the S.C. House of Representatives proposing to cut the funding for Pastides’ online campus (cut to the 4:45 minute mark).

This is shameful on so many levels.

First of all, it remains our fervently held belief taxpayers shouldn’t be subsidizing higher education – period. It is simply not a core function of government.

Yet here we have a state lawmaker openly lobbying on behalf of his higher ed employer – while simultaneously seeking to exact revenge for a taxpayer-funded pay raise he didn’t get.

How petty … and sad. Of course what’s truly is sad is crap like this goes on every single day at the S.C. State House, and yet the lawmakers who blatantly rip us off are never called to account for their actions.

One reason? They’re in charge of policing themselves …

Bowers should be terminated immediately from his post at USC-Beaufort. Not only that, this latest incident has us revisiting the “ethics reforms” everyone seems so keen to pass this legislative session … with an eye on beefing them up to address lawmakers like Bowers who are scamming the public treasury (and the public trust).



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