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How Canada Rolls …



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We knew there was a reason South Carolina’s (Erotic) Poet Laureate Kristin Maguire fled to Canada when her sex scandal broke three-and-a-half years ago …

Apparently, it’s the only place that likes sex as much as we do …

According to a Facebook Invite that’s attracting worldwide attention, the University of Toronto’s Sexual Education Centre is renting out a water-themed adult night club to host … well … an orgy for students. Or according to the club that’s hosting the event, “not necessarily an orgy.”

Wait … not necessarily an orgy?

Hmmm-kay. This “not-necessarily-an-orgy” – news of which first broke on Reddit – has been dubbed the “SAW Social Sexy” in honor of University’s “Sexual Awareness Week.” And so far 131 students (mostly dudes) have signed up to participate in this year’s event, which is being held at Toronto’s Oasis Aqualounge.

The University of Toronto is a public institution, and funding for its Sexual Education Centre comes from student fees. In fact this event has been held for several years running using these fees.

Not surprisingly, the event has drawn its fair share of criticism …

“While I would doubt that students would need encouragement to engage in sex, (the University’s Sexual Education Centre) thinks that they do,” writes Andrew Lawton of Landmark Report. “They’re even going so far as to supply a venue for copulation and a buffet (of) overhormonal teens and young ‘adults’ to enjoy it with. Welcome to the next generation of post-secondary education.”

Coming to an American University near you …


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