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Why We Won’t Be Cheerleading For Chad Connelly Anymore …



chad connelly elected scgop chairman

We had high hopes back in 2011 when we endorsed SCGOP chairman Chad Connelly’s victorious bid to lead the state’s all-powerful Republican Party.

In addition to the faith we placed in Connelly’s ideological moorings, it gave us some small measure of satisfaction to have helped him overcome the resistance he encountered from S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley – who aggressively opposed his bid on account of his proximity to certain real reformers (as opposed to “reformers in name only” like Haley).

Anyway, if Connelly has proven anything over the past two years it’s this: He’s nothing but a cheerleader for any politician with an “R” behind their name.

And while that’s good news for the handful of real Republican elected officials in South Carolina committed to advancing real reforms, it’s bad news when you consider the vast majority of the GOP officials Connelly cheerleads for are “Republicans in Name Only” who spit on the platform he’s supposed to be advancing.

It’s not Connelly’s fault, though. As chairman of the SCGOP, he is obligated to support all Republicans in the Palmetto State – regardless of whether they adhere to the party’s platform on taxes, spending and education reform. Accordingly,¬†Connelly has spent the last two years dispensing meaningless platitudes to a flood of hypocritical politicians he should have been mercilessly roasting.

Not only that, he’s stroked a $50,000 check to Haley’s reelection bid – making it clear that the “Republican” incumbent is the party’s choice for the 2014 nomination (and that nobody else better think about challenging her).

Which is too bad …

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – at all levels (local, state and national) the Republican Party can no longer be relied on to protect tax dollars, individual liberties or free markets. In fact more often than not its elected officials are working AGAINST all of those things.

If Connelly wants to continue cheerleading for such two-faced hypocrites (which he evidently does) – he is welcome to do so.

We won’t be cheerleading for him, though.


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