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The SC State Guard … Knows How To Party




We were legitimately shocked to learn that “Republican” S.C. Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom’s latest engagement with former GOP superintendent of education candidate Kelly Payne has lasted more than a month. We figured two weeks … tops.

(Imagine how many sex tapes the self-proclaimed “fine specimen” has made in that amount of time). 

For those of you unfamiliar with “Keckstrom,” consider yourself lucky. These two define the term “toxic relationship” – and we have no doubt within weeks their affair will once again devolve into police reports and nude images (<- NSFW) anonymously leaked to this website.

Anyway Eckstrom – who in addition to his “Comptroller Creepy” duties double-dips as head of the S.C. State Guard – enjoyed a rocking Christmas Party last month.  Not only that, his “other” taxpayer-funded agency was kind enough to post pictures from its party on Facebook.

Enjoy …

(Click to enlarge)

Yeah … based on that assemblage of pure South Carolina inbrededness, our guess is the Palmetto State might wanna just wave the white flag in the event it ever gets invaded. We’re certainly looking forward to putting them to the test when it comes time to institute our benevolent dictatorship …

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