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A pair of six-figure government employees in Orangeburg, S.C. will retire for one day at the end of this year – and then be rehired by city government on February 1, 2013 at their old salaries.

Why the one month “retirement?” Both employees are taking advantage of a state law enabling them to “double-dip” on taxpayers by drawing state retirement benefits as well as salary from local government.  As a result of this “double dipping,” Orangeburg city administrator John Yow will continue to receive his $169,000 a year salary along with an annual retirement benefit of at least $64,800.

That’s $233,800 a year, people – not counting health care coverage and other benefits.

Meanwhile Orangeburg’s public utilities manager Tommy Miller – who makes $140,000 a year – will continue to receive his salary along with an unspecified annual retirement benefit.  Why unspecified?  Because according to The (Orangeburg, S.C.) Times and Democrat, Miller refused to disclose the amount – referring to it as “private.”

Um, NO …

These are public officials.  Not only that, their retirement two-steps were expressly approved by Orangeburg City Council.  There’s nothing “private” about it … although there is plenty about it that’s contemptible.

We have no problem with state employees working for as long as they are able to discharge their duties … assuming those duties are core functions of government, of course.  But this practice of paying retirement benefits to people who haven’t retired is shameful.