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The Wire: 12/18/2012




Welcome to today’s edition of “The Wire,” (a.k.a. the day Tim Scott hijacked our daily feedback forum).

Seriously, though … it was “all Tim, all the time” as S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley  appointed the first-term U.S. Representative to fill the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Jim DeMint.  Haley’s choice of Scott was praised nationally and here at home – largely due to the fact that Scott will become the lone black member of the Senate and only the seventh African-American ever to serve there.

Was Haley’s choice a good one for taxpayers?  We shall see … Scott has been a mixed bag when it comes to the “principled conservatism” so many people are praising him for, but we’re going to give him a clean slate as it relates to his votes moving forward.  Certainly the fork in the road ahead of him couldn’t be more obvious … or important for the future of the Republic.

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To the wire!



Tim Scott is a principled conservative who will be a tremendous advocate for South Carolina in the United States Senate.

Those of us in the 1st Congressional District have seen Tim Scott’s leadership and conservative convictions firsthand. We’ve been a part of his public career, from the Charleston County Council to the State House to Congress. He’s been tested. He has proven his mettle. We know him, we trust him, and we’re excited that the entire State of South Carolina – and the entire nation – will quickly learn why Governor Haley chose him.

Congratulations to our friend, our Congressman, and now our Senator, Tim Scott.

-S.C. Sen. Larry Grooms

FITS:  We certainly hope you are correct, Senator.



I applaud Gov. Haley for selecting Tim Scott to serve in the U.S. Senate. Tim is a political Conservative who represents the views of a majority of South Carolinians. Tim grew up poor with a mother who taught him solid values. He went on to open his own business and create jobs for others; he did build it! He has had a meteoric rise through the S.C. House and the U.S. House of Representatives and is respected for his leadership and his strong convictions. He is also personable and in touch with everyday people. I predict he will not only be most effective in representing the values of South Carolina in the U.S. Senate, but he will eventually play a major leadership role in Washington.

S.C. Rep. Bill Taylor

FITS: We shall see, we shall see …



Tim Scott is a certified rock star! Prior to 2008, he was on city council. In 2008, he was elected to the South Carolina House and was made chairman of his freshman class. In 2010, he was elected to the United States Congress, with leadership. Today, in 2012, he has been appointed to the United States Senate. Congratulations, Senator!

-Vanessa Cox

FITS: A meteoric rise, to say the least …



Tim Scott leading Drudge headline as he should be. Once again, SC politics making national news, this time for a good reason.

-Chris Slick

FITS: Once in a blue moon right?



Now — Pretend Tim Scott is white.

FITS: Raining on the love parade are you?  Fair point, though.



(RE: SC Senate Rejects Transparency Rule) This is why I urged you all to vote petition in November. We barely had 5 SC Senators to motion for a roll call vote on whether or not to change the rules to roll call votes in committee! And those 5 Senators got railroaded by leadership. Maybe someday South Carolina will wake up & vote these guys out.

FITS:  Maybe … but the way they keep dumbing us down, it’s unlikely.



No coverage on Teddy Turner (Ted Turner’s son) in your list of candidates running for Tim Scott’s House seat?  He actually declared his candidacy yesterday!

FITS: Yup, we saw that … we are about to post his press release now.



To whom it may concern,

My father, Bob Menges, had recently made an attempt to obtain the vacant Senate seat of Jim Demint. This attempt included getting a private meeting with Governor Nikki Haley Dec 8th in Bamberg South Carolina, getting two radio interviews on the Kelley Golden show (94.3), a television interview with News 2 (it never aired because the short list was released), and quite a large amount of social media penetration. All of these things happened over a span of 2 weeks making it quite the grassroots effort because of the large amount of people supporting my father. However, today the Governor announced Tim Scott as a replacement.

My purpose of emailing is to tell you that my father is very interested in obtaining Tim Scotts now vacant 1st Congressional District House seat. My father has all of the qualities that a leader in government would need and more. As a staunch conservative of the state of South Carolina, my father has taught Constitutional Law to High Schoolers for the past 14 years making him an expert on the U.S. Constitution. My father is also a retired veteran of the United States Air Force (21 years of active duty). My father is a fighter, willing to fight for original intent. Though I am somewhat bias, my father is known by his friends and family as a man of Faith, Patriotism, and Integrity making him a perfect fit for this position.

The one thing that we lack is media attention. Like you may have gathered, this is a grassroots effort. My father is not a politician, nor has he ever run for a government position. My father is an extremely intellectual and concerned American citizen trying to make a change in our great country. Below is the website that was made for him. I also have a short biography of his credentials that I can send you if you wish. Please consider writing up an article about him or giving him some type of media coverage. 
Thank you and God Bless,
Rebekah Menges

FITS: You obviously love your dad very much … which is sweet.  We’d be happy to run his press release in our news and events section if you pass it along.



(RE: Richland County Election Official Resigns) There is no question that the elections in Richland County MUST be reheld to regain voter confidence. The public greatly feels that, at the least, the election was botched seriously and does not represent the desire of all eligible voters that wanted to vote. At the worst, the public feels it is a corrupt election designed to a particular outcome.

It has been nasty, and still is. Politicians covering for those involved, politicians calling out color and lynching, investigations with no results, and so on and on. What a laughingstock Columbia and Richland county are to the rest of the state and nation! It is obvious what is right to do, but our “leaders” have no sense of ethics or morals, as is obviously seen. Nor any sense of responsibility to those that hired them. It is, as usual, all about ego, power, greed, selfishness, protecting one’s self and accomplices. This truly is corruption.

There is no reasonable explanation for this mess: the election officials had first run a city election this year in April, then two primary elections this summer. They had plenty of practice, and both at least appeared to be held without problems. Of course, the buck stops with the leader, the agency head Lillian McBride, and with the election commission as well. Mrs. McBride is a very lovely lady, always helpful, and with a smile. I have always had a good working relationship with her when asking for information or turning in voter registration forms. I can only say good things about her personality and character as I have experienced. But she is the head, the boss, the leader. She is hired to INSURE that all is legal, ethical, and goes smoothly and quickly. To have that fail is hers, ultimately, as she recruits the team, trains the team, oversees the team, and sets parameters for the team. Football coaches are fired for team failure, corporate presidents are fired for failure of staff and/or business performance. Likewise, bureaucrats should be held just as responsible; there is no reason for a free pass in government versus business. There actually should be less tolerance in government for failure or incompetence, as the consequences are greater.

As much as I like Lillian McBride, she should resign as her credibility has been permanently ruined in the mind of the public, simply because the public will never again trust an election overseen by her. Likewise, the election must be held over again to allow ALL that wanted to vote the RIGHT, a right based on a voter’s opportunity, to do so.

The integrity, the responsibility and obligation to the people that trusted them enough to effect their lives will soon be seen in the actions of the politicians involved. Just who will they choose to protect, and at the expense of whom?

Joseph Azar

FITS: Nicely put, Joe.  You are correct on this.



(A Columbia, S.C. Police Department) officer is currently being investigated for criminal domestic violence.   This investigation has proven he has lied for over a decade about being a decorated war hero.  To figure out who he is look at Lexington County’s family court roster for last week.  You can’t miss his name.  Investigation is showing that he is a serial abuser of all partners with a prior abuse charge going back to 2001.

FITS:  Damn … interesting.  We will check it out …



No one in media seems to have heard about this yet, but I think it definitely deserves some attention.

The City of Columbia (S.C.) Fire Department is getting really close to a Americans with Disabilities discrimination lawsuit over their diabetic fire fighters.

Five fire fighters have gotten together and contacted an attorney to launch a class action lawsuit. Their attorney has contacted the American Diabetes Association and the ADA is planning to get involved as this is looking very much like discrimination.

FITS: Interesting … we’ll be on the lookout for the lawsuit.



Michele Bachmann is running for Speaker.  What sayest thou, Sic?

FITS: She obviously has a better record on fiscal issues than John Boehner, but she’s also bat shit crazy. I’d vote Mick Mulvaney or Jeff Duncan for Speaker.



Our heart goes out to Senator Daniel Inoyue, who passed away today at the age of 88. The longest serving senator, a war veteran, and mentor to my mother. He will be missed by many. Mahalo, senator.

-Lauren Luxenburg

FITS: We don’t grieve politicians who help flush our Republican further down the toilet.  We’re sorry for his friends and family, obviously, and respect his military service – but aside from all that we’re not going to miss the guy.



FITS: Part of us wants to burn those. The other part wants to own a pair.



If you’re on Facebook, then you have access to the internet…and Google. Maybe try researching things before liking, sharing and commenting. I know some of you are a lot smarter than you appear on social media these days.

-Liz Reardon

FITS: That’s the damn truth!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To our founding editor’s mother, Kathy Folks.  It’s also her anniversary!  Love you, mom.


SOUTH CAROLINA FAST FACT: Rivers Bridge Battlefield near Erhardt, S.C. is the site of the only serious resistance to Union General William T. Sherman’s infamous march through South Carolina.  There, on February 3, 1865, one of Sherman’s columns was engaged by 1,200 confederates under the command of LaFayette McLaws.  Sherman’s Army flanked the Confederates, and continued its march toward Columbia, S.C.  A total of eighteen Union and eight Confederate troops were killed in the battle.



“Now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall.”


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