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Robert E. “Teddy” Turner To Announce Candidacy For U.S. House Of Representatives



CHARLESTON – Mount Pleasant Republican Robert E. “Teddy” Turner IV will enter the special election for the Congressional seat presently held by Tim Scott.

A graduate of The Citadel (1985), Turner teaches high school economics at Charleston Collegiate School. He is also an entrepreneur, conservationist, and maritime enthusiast who is well known in the Lowcountry for his philanthropic endeavors, serving as a member of the board of directors of the Turner Foundation.

Known to friends as the “rogue Republican” of the Turner family, during the past decade Teddy has become increasingly active in Republican circles. He cites his experiences as a student at The Citadel and later working as a cameraman for CNN in the Soviet Union as early drivers of his interests in conservative politics: “Like most Cadets, I developed a strong appreciation for the fact that the federal government’s chief responsibility is to provide for the common defense – something which I think many Democrats in Congress have a hard time remembering these days. Of course, while working in Russia during the Cold War, I saw the extreme consequences of the so-called ‘progressive’ political agendas many Democrats are now championing in Washington. Obviously, I also saw how having an economy which favors free market enterprise truly does bolster our security.”

“Later, once I became a business owner my interest in politics grew exponentially. Particularly as my experiences with our tax code became even more personal, and costly,” he notes. “If elected, helping businesses confronted by our extremely cumbersome regulatory environment will be at the top of my agenda.”

“Tim Scott has done an outstanding job representing our district in Washington,” Turner says, adding: “I intend to do the same. Like Tim, my concerns are consistent with the residents of District 1. I know they are looking for a candidate who’s asking the same questions of importance to them: How can we reduce the federal government’s role in our lives? How can we improve our education systems, thereby making it possible for America to remain an economic leader in the world? How can we address the regulatory environment that is hampering our economic recovery? How can South Carolina’s representatives in Washington best serve the people of our state?”

“I also know the federal government is presently doing a better job of creating problems than delivering solutions. Like the other Republican members of South Carolina’s Congressional delegation, I’ll be committed to limiting the problems Washington can create for the rest of America.”

Teddy’s wife Blair is helping him organize his campaign. Regarding his decision to enter the race, she shared, “Everyone who knows Teddy knows he is passionate about making our community a better place to call home. He’s an educator, and he’s concerned about opportunities for young Americans. He’s also a conservative who is committed to defending and advancing the principles that make this the best country on earth. And I know he will do an outstanding job serving the residents of our district if he’s elected to represent us in Congress.”


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