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Richland County Election Chairman Resigns




The embattled chairwoman of the Richland County, S.C. Election Commission resigned her post this week – and called for the resignation of the county’s elections director on her way out the door.

Liz Crum, whose commission oversaw last month’s “Richland County Robbery,” stepped down on Monday after telling her colleagues she had “no confidence” in the ability of scandal-scarred elections director Lillian McBride.

Who does have confidence in McBride?  Supporters of the $1.2 billion tax hike that passed last month on McBride’s watch amid a flood of voting irregularities.  Two years ago, efforts to pass this tax increase in Richland County, S.C. failed by just 600 votes – prompting Republican and Democratic state lawmakers to install McBride (who is all sorts of connected to the tax hike movement) as executive director.

The result?  Mysterious shortages (and malfunctions) of voting machines in precincts that voted heavily against the tax increase two years ago – leading to seven hour wait times in some precincts.  These shortages and malfunctions result in widespread violations of a state law mandating at least one operable voting machine per every 250 registered voters.  Thanks to this illegal voter suppression, the sales tax hike passed by a 52-48 percent margin.

Frankly, every member of this commission needs to go.  And so does McBride.

But that’s not the point.  After all, their resignations won’t undo the $1.2 billion tax hike that was foisted on voters via an illegal election.  And for the record we’re still not buying the “official” report that an equal number of voting machine shortages plagued pro-tax hike and anti-tax hike districts.

Were this true, would we not have heard of massive lines at the pro-tax precincts and not just the anti-tax ones?

Bottom line?  No matter how many heads roll in Richland County, it doesn’t change the fact that a massive new tax was imposed via an illegal election. Until the results of that election are scrapped and a new election is held, there is no justice for Richland County taxpayers no matter who steps down.