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U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint is being encouraged to run for governor of South Carolina by a new Facebook group … but is such a bid in his future?

Obviously this isn’t the first time a “DeMint for Governor” rumor has been cranked up … in fact we speculated on this theoretical a few short months ago.  Yet while there’s no love lost between DeMint and S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley – who continues to be bogged down by scandals and weak poll numbers – that doesn’t necessarily mean DeMint is eyeing this seat.

The 61-year-old Republican – who has emerged as one of the few true fiscal conservatives in Washington, D.C. – still has four years left on his second (and presumably last) term in the U.S. Senate.   Why would he give that up?  Well … other than the widely known fact that his wife, Debbie, is eager for him to return to their Greenville, S.C. home?

We’re not sure …

DeMint has become a national player, and is viewed in some circles as a legitimate presidential contender (speculation he hasn’t ruled out, incidentally).  Why would he trade that in to be a weak executive in a legislatively controlled state?

Again … we’re not sure.

“Hmmmm,” reporter Alexis Levinson of The Daily Caller tweeted in response to the “DeMint for Governor” speculation.

We concur …

“Hmmmm,” indeed.

FITS reached out to a source close to DeMint in an effort to get some sort of read on these tea leaves but were basically given this answer …