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SCGOP Chairman Loves Up On Liberal Lindsey




S.C. Republican Party chairman Chad Connelly has joined the uber-liberals providing political cover to S.C. Sen. Lindsey Graham (RINO-S.C.) – just as the “Third Senator from New York” embarks on yet another lurch to the left.

Completely ignoring Graham’s increasingly overt tax-and-spend liberalism, Connelly has chosen to shower the light-in-the-loafers Senator with praise for his aggressive posturing on the Benghazi scandal.

“I’ve been all over the state lately and people are, they’re thrilled and delighted that Sen. Graham has taken such a lead role on Benghazi,” Connelly told reporter Alexandra Jaffe of The Hill.

First of all, most people in dumb ass South Carolina have absolutely no idea what Benghazi is … (it’s an ointment, roght?) … and when Connelly says he’s been “all over the state,” he’s referring to sparsely attended geriatric gatherings of senile Nixonites that pass for “Republican Party” meetings.

Anyway …

Connelly added that Graham’s posturing on Benghazi “is improving his conservative Republican credentials” in the Palmetto state.

“His name is on people’s minds and they’re talking great about him,” Connelly continued.  “If they had a problem with him, I would say it’s been greatly reduced.”


We think Connelly doth fellate too much.  Comments like these aren’t indicative of a groundswell of support for Graham, in fact they are likely indicative of the opposite – which is why we have no doubt that someone affiliated with Graham’s operation called into SCGOP headquarters recently and told the party chairman to stand up for “his” Senator.

Which of course Connelly has to do …

See … if Graham was really “improving his conservative Republican credentials,” then his operatives wouldn’t be leaking dirt on his prospective 2014 primary opponents.  And if people’s problems with Graham were really “greatly reduced,” then the Senator wouldn’t be in the position of having to beg for this sort of love.

Graham was already in hot water with fiscal conservatives over his support for energy tax hikes and liberal immigration policy – now he’s veering even further to the left by suggesting that massive deficit spending increases in Washington, D.C. (many of which he supported) should be paid for with tax hikes.

Speaking of … where does Connelly stand on Graham’s latest expression of support for tax increases?

He wasn’t immediately available to answer that question, but we’ll be sure to let you know what he says …