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How in the hell did our society go from children’s choirs singing “He chastens, He hastens His will to make known …” to sluts-to-be cooing seductively while licking mashed potatoes from their fingers?  We’re not sure, exactly … but our guess is it has something to do with Barack Obama and mind control.

Anyway, here’s 12-year-old Nicole Westbrook performing “It’s Thanksgiving …”

(Click to play)

Yeah …

We made it to the 1:02 mark … at which point we forced one of our interns to watch it from the beginning.  They made to to the :49 second mark before smashing our computer and walking out the door – presumably never to be heard from again.

Released on November 7, “It’s Thanksgiving” has received 9.4 million YouTube views.  Of those bothering to share their opinion, 141,380 “disliked” the song compared to 19.399 who “liked” it.

Another mile marker on the road to perdition, huh?